a roadtrip for the ages

31 07 2008

I made it!! I’m in Cleveland finally. All is well. I drove the entire way and stopped for lunch in Cincinnati at Whole Foods (fabulous!!).

Stopping in Knoxville, TN (Volunteer country)in my Gator t-shirt. I swear I thought I was about to get assassinated! Cincinnati’s skyline is absolutely beautiful. I had no idea.
Gas was cheaper and cheaper the further north we came. Last stop was mid-grade gas for only $3.65!

Low point
Those doggone corn fields in Ohio. At first I was excited to see my first corn field. After about 5 miles, it became hypnotizing. Then it was annoying. Finally, aggravating.

All in all, it was a good ride. I’m relaxing now in a hotel room getting ready to start unpacking tomorrow.




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31 07 2008

Ummm, I think you may need to get rid of that Gator shirt you think the Volunteers gave you looks, just wait till you roll up on a Buckeye. I don’t see this having a good outcome.

31 07 2008

LOL @ Fergie. I have fam in Ohio. Youngstown and Struthers to be exact. Living there will be quite an interesting experience for you. I’m so happy for your new journey!

1 08 2008
Babs O'Leary

Yeah the flat cornfields of Ohio will put you to sleep!

1 08 2008

Congrats on making it there safe. Lemme know if you run across Bone Thugs while you’re in Ohio. (Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone…Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone..Now tell me what ya gonna do when it aint nowhere to hide…) LOL

2 08 2008

LOL @ brran1.

Glad you made it safely lady. When does school start?

7 08 2008

Fergie – I’m just waiting for the blackeyes to play the Gators! I’m wearing every UF piece of clothing I own. LOL

Brit – I’ve seen Youngstown several times on signs. I can’t be too far from it. Thanks!

Babs – It was hypnotic. Not good when you’re trying to drive.

brran – How about my mom and I got lost trying to find a food co-op and ended up (get this) on East 99th! I hurried up and got outta there too.

Mel – August 25th

8 08 2008

That (hopefully) will be my first official day of work… As soon as someone hires me.

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