Guess where I’m working tomorrow!

19 08 2008

(Not really on the ‘action wire’ but I love the logo.)

I’ll start volunteering with the campaign here tomorrow at the local field office.  It’s within walking distance.  I’m so excited!!

Who do you think will be his VP?




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19 08 2008


19 08 2008

DUDE!!!!! you should be!!!!! I (and zack, too) AM SOOOOO FRIGGIN JEALOUS!!!!!!!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!!

20 08 2008

I’m jealous toooo!!! Hooow cool is that? One of the folx in my office just took a leave of absence to work for his campaign too. What a great experience!

20 08 2008

Oooh awesome! Look at you, movin’ all far to the Midwest and doing stuff.

23 08 2008
K. Vic

That is too cool!!
You can say you did your part in the movement!

Obama-Biden 08′

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