Gotta love friendly banter

24 08 2008

So, I don’t know what even made me visit e’s page yesterday, but man did I pick the perfect day!  He was posting about the top 5 rappers of all time, and how they’re all still alive (eliminating Biggie and Pac).  I agree with him for the most part on his top 5: Rakim and KRS are not even up for debate.

Nas is a different beast and he’s been consistently good for a minute.  He’s still putting out HIGH quality stuff right now.  Definitely in the top.

Now LL…E had to come with a follow-up post regarding this inclusion.  Lots of folks were like HUH?  But I feel where he’s coming from…now.  :-/

My issue was a short statement made towards the end of the original post.
“I will never get why people want to throw Andre 3000 in any convo for greatest ever”

I just about had a heart attack.  I think I was out too, reading the page from my Blackberry.  I was trying to think and type.  Wasn’t working so well.  lol  Needless to say, I (and several other readers) stated our case for Andre being at least mentioned in the top 10 lyricists.  Maybe not the GOAT, but he’s consistently great, as I stated.

E even posted on it at his discussion site.  I posted a looooooooooooong response there.  He respects my opinion.  I respect his.

Gotta love friendly banter!  Nothing ever got too personal, as it often does on music site I read.  I won’t even comment over there.  Now he might’ve been cursing me out under his breathe, but nothing disrespectful got posted.

Just out of curiosity, who would you put in your top 10 lyricist list?




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