re: Obama-Biden compaign volunteering

24 08 2008

Goooooooooooo Biden!

Um…how about I think I already have a title AND position?

We had a meeting on Saturday which was extremely productive.  It was so different than all of the other meetings I’d even been to.  For one, we had an agenda and stayed focus.  All the other meetings felt like going away parties for Obama: folks spent 45 minutes talking about how much they loved him.  I mean, that’s all good but let’s get to work!
Also, I was the only Black person and I was less than half the age of everyone else, easily.  It was mostly retired people.  They were already very active in the campaign.  Some were ex-Hillary folks who got tired of her before she even dropped out.  [sidebar – Both of the women who initially were contributing $$ to Hillary’s campaign say the campaign won’t stop deducting money from their accounts.  Like they’ve asked several times, gotten confirmation in writing but the money is still being taken out.  I’m just saying…]

Anyway, a lot of the work is continuing to register voters in our area.  Some of the work is organizing contact information for volunteers and potential volunteers, which is where I come in.  The retirees were not computer-savvy at all and here I was with a Blackberry on the table in front of me.  As soon as that position was mentioned, 8 salt-&-peppered heads turned to me.
“I’m pretty computer savvy” I said.  They were kinda bullying the young buck, but it’s cool.  I’ll get ’em back.  LOL

It was a nice meeting and I met some nice people.

I’m still getting that same reaction when I tell people I’m from Atlanta.  They ALL say “well what in the world would you come here for?”  :-/




2 responses

24 08 2008

Way to stay focused!

25 08 2008

I can just imagine all the heads turning to look at you…LOL!!!

I’m mad those women are still getting money taken out of their account…that’s just so wrong on so many different levels…

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