Let me tell you about my first week!

29 08 2008


I’m glad it’s over.

Day 1 – last of the orientation sessions.  Met the other doctoral students starting this semester.  Also met some old doctoral students.  Met one I never plan on talking to again.  Around 5pm (class starts at 6) my specialization director comes to me and tells me the university pulled my funding.
No tuition grant.
No Graduate Assistantship
No non-loan financial aid available.
I can’t begin to tell you the panic that went through me.  To make a long and stressful story short, some secretary entered the wrong number as my MPA GPA, making me ineligible for the Assistantship.  I don’t wanna know her name.

Day 2 – Situation gets worked out.  My first specialization class.  Seems interesting.  Did I mention I’m a TA for three freshman-level specialization classes?  Yeah.  Leading study sessions on Friday.  Fun.  I’m learning as they learn…literally!  They might teach me some things.

Day 3 – My favorite class by far is on Wednesday nights.  I thought it was a Public Budgeting class.  Nope.  It’s Public Finance and ECONOMICS!!  I ❤ Econ.  I do not plan on mentioning to anyone in the class that my BA is in Econ.  Not gonna be your study session leader too.  And a guy who looked just like Lazy Bone was sitting right next to me.

Day 4 – More specialization.  Prof requires 5 books, recommends 2 and strongly suggests an eighth book for folks without a strong background in the field.  That would be only me.  Coop has purchased 4 books.  You won’t see me with the others.

Day 5 – In the future, this will be my freshman day.  No classes of my own, just the sessions with the kiddies.  I’ll be meeting with them, collecting and grading these weekly papers they have to do (I have my own grade book!) and co-facilitating weekly TA meetings at 12:30.  Busy busy busy.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m keeping my eyes on the prize (PhD), staying focused on why I’m here (faculty position) and not being realistic (‘perfection is NOT the goal’ says my former classmate and current PhD student at Syracuse).  I can be perfect when I get that faculty position and folks actually want to collaborate with me.  Now, they’re doing me a favor.

So the first week was busy.  Still is busy ’cause it isn’t over.  I’m still working with the Obama campaign locally.  Doing some canvassing Sunday after church, as a matter of fact!

I’m so tired right now.  Getting cable tomorrow.  yippee!  I’ve missed all of the DNC and olympics.  I’ve been reading transcripts and Obama clearly had a purpose in mind.  That transcript read powerfully.  I can only imagine what it was like live.

Anyway, that’s all.  I told Brit I’d post more often.
This is more often.  lol
Me sleep now.




6 responses

30 08 2008

Glad to see you’re getting settled in Cleveland.

lol and dude you saw was probably one of layzie bone’s kids.

30 08 2008

Good lawd woman! When do you eat, sleep, and breathe?

1 09 2008


2 09 2008

Mel – I eat while i read. no joke.

Thanks Mrs. Mingo!!

2 09 2008

And only 4 years of that. No sweat.

2 09 2008
King James

Good stuff… I’m so excited for you. Please do post more often… Loving your writing style…

lol @ lazy bone

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