Look little girl

4 09 2008

It’s only the 2nd week of classes and I’m already ready to commit a felony on someone.

I’m a GA and we share our offices with other GAs.  No problem.  The other PhD student shares our office but is never in.  The one person who is in here a lot is the young one.  The 23 year old, newly engaged chick who thinks she knows just a little too much.
Her voice is shrieky.
She answers too many questions not asked of her.
She offers too much advice.
And, worst of all, she’s been all on my desk.

I’m trying to be patient, calm and all those other good virtues but this little girl is working me already.

I value silence when I’m reading and she just always has something to say.  And she had the nerve to bring guests in here a few days ago while the other 3 of us were reading and preparing for class.  They were talking about cats.  I’m serious.

And no I don’t wanna hear about your Italian fiancee or see your engagement ring again or know what your favorite ice cream is or know how the people messed up your pizza order or hear the names of your future children or know about how you met your Italian fiancee or know about your Italian fiancee’s family or even talk to you.

This is gonna have to be addressed!




6 responses

4 09 2008

You have to fight fire with fire. I’d say talk about your imaginary dog Rufus or something. Don’t go down without a fight Coop.
*cues Pastor Troy’s “We Ready”*


4 09 2008

Inhale, Exhale, Count to 10, then tell that “little girl” to shut the ____ up. All the while keeping a smile on your face!!!

4 09 2008

just say “you know… i really prefer to read when its quiet.” and leave it at that.make sure she knows how you fee… don’t be passive about it.

4 09 2008

correction… “make sure she knows how you feel.”

4 09 2008

Hmmm… I agree with Fergie. And maybe if you came to school with army gear on and put a “Beware of Coop” sign on your desk, she might leave you alone…lol

5 09 2008

Breathe, sis….breathe.

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