Granddaddy’s figs

11 09 2008

My friends know that I love and miss my grandparents.  I think about them a lot.  Some of the most odd things make me remember spending those summers in Florida.  One of those things is fruit.

See, my grandparents had a backyard full of fruit – plums, muscadines, mustard greens, cherry tomatoes, pears and figs.  Almost everyday of the summer, my cousin and I would spend time back there just eating fruit straight off the trees!  I’m telling you, no exotic, organic, special-season fruit at Whole Foods can come close to fresh-from-the-trees fruit.

I also have lots of memories of trying to peel my own mangoes and avocados, wanting to help my grandma get the seeds out of the honeydew, eating bananas everyday and buying watermelons from the man in the pickup truck (any pickup truck) near Winn Dixie.

I still love these same fruits today, but I’ve had a hard time finding some good figs that can compare to those from Gainesville.  I’ve had some that were similar in color, but too small.  I had some that were large, but not sweet enough.  I even had some that were that beautiful dark purple, but some wierd shade of white (?) inside and not even close to sweet.  Ask my mom; I check every grocery store to see if they have fresh (not dried!) figs in stock.  They’re never good enough.  My granddaddy’s figs were perfect!

So imagine my surprise when I drove the 1.5 miles up the road to the new grocery store in the neighborhood.  The produce section was beautiful and they even had a salad and hot bar section.  Most importantly, they had figs!  I picked up 4-5 with no real expectations and kept browsing through the store.  When I got home and tasted them…Oh My God!  They’re sooooooo good!  They tasted just like my granddaddy’s – same color, size and that wonderful sweetness.  They were wonderful and about as close to my granddaddy’s as I’ve ever seen.

I still miss my grandparents, but stuff like this lets me know I’ll never forget them.  🙂

Pretty close to the original

Pretty close to the original

This'll last about a week

This will last about a week.

Such a bountiful harvest!

Such a bountiful harvest!




2 responses

11 09 2008

its always those little things… not only will you never forget them… it seems like they’re sending you love from heaven in the form of figs in the grocery store.

i always think of my grandma when i eat homemade pound cake, biscuits, and salmon patties… bacon, grits, fresh string beans, white corn (you get the picture)

11 09 2008

This story explains so much about you.

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