What do these dreams mean?

11 09 2008

3 nights ago: I was running late for my Friday sessions.  I left my apartment in a bathing suit.  My stomach was distended like like I had parasites.  There was a Macy’s next door to campus.  I ran in there, got into a conversation with a very Southern woman and tried to walk out in a white trench coat.  The sensor was still on it.  I went back in the dressing room for more stuff.  The Southern woman gave me a shirt and hat.  I went and facilitated my classes in a swin suit, shirt and hat.  And no one said a wird about it.

2 nights ago:  I was sleeping and woke up with loose teeth in my mouth.  2 of my teeth had fallen out while I was sleep.  I had to go the whole day with 2 teeth gone.

3 nights ago: I was in my Communications class and said something about Barack Obama.  This girl (who shall remain nameless but she is a real person) said “No one wants to hear about Obama”.  I said “I didn’t want to hear you talk about how much you wanted to marry John McCain, but I had to listen anyway”.  She got up outta her seat and kept talking about how much she loved McCain (this is true of her!) and I kept on how no one wanted to  hear it.  We went to blows.  She’s a big girl – 5’10” (I know because I asked her in real life) and she’s not skinny at all.  We were going at it with this other classmate stuck in the middle.

So what does this all mean?




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11 09 2008


11 09 2008

yeah… check the website. i dreamed of teeth falling out several times. i think the website said something about being self-conscious or something.

i had this crazy dream (several months ago) about getting lost in some cazy town driving to the interstate. it was dark (and i was scared) so i pulled over to a halfway house or something and asked the people for help. two crazy women got in the car with me and tried to get me to the interstate. the whole time, my GPS would not connect to the satellite because of these huge clouds. I pull into a grocery store parking lot (feeling panicked) and fidget with the GPS. I reach for my smoothie in the cup holder and find MANY roaches of all sizes swimming in my effing smoothie!

i couldn’t wake up fast enough!

11 09 2008

Wow. I wonder what these mean too. I try to remember my dreams, but they are nothing but faint memories by the time I get the chance to write them down.

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