Early voting?

13 09 2008

So I was able to get registered here in Ohio.  I got my new voter registration card a few weeks after completing the form at the Obama office.

A few days after that, I got an application for early voting.  Initially, I wanted to just throw it out.  Pure skeptism was at work in my mind.  But now I’m having a little change of heart.  I’m considering it, but I am still apprehensive.   I want every single vote to count, especially mine.

So…what do you all think about early voting?  Will you be participating in early voting (in person or via mail)?  Please share your thoughts on this.




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14 09 2008

I still don’t know what I am going to do. I’m not even in the same city in which I’m registered. I need to do somethin’, chile.

15 09 2008

i guess you should just have faith in the system. if they’re gonna rig the election, you voting early or on time wouldn’t matter. cast your vote and send a prayer with it

17 09 2008
Babs O'Leary

Early voting sounds cool. But for this MONUMENTAL vote, I want to be there on that day. The excitement will be electric!

17 09 2008

Depending on my new work schedlue (Yay me!), I might partake in early voting to avoid the long, monsterous lines that are always at my polling place.

And by the way, you’ve been tagged!
The funk? Been there. Done that. I have the shirt and mug to prove it. I’m glad you have close friends who can be a listening ear.

And also, you’ve been tagged.

17 09 2008

Nevermind that middle part of the comment. I hit cut and paste by accident.

21 09 2008

Hey “Coop” 😉 I won’t be voting early. I am with Babs. I want to feel the anticipation, taste the excitement and feel the electricity on voting day! It’s gonna be something for sure and the actual DAY is historical too. I have already made arrangements for my sitter to spend the nite because I KNOW the line will start before the sun rises as it did with the 2000 election. The lines, even early in the morning, looked like the after Thanksgiving day sales at Best Buy or Toys R Us! I plan to get to my poll (walking distance from my house) by 530 that morning.

24 09 2008

As much as I want to be there on election day, it really depends if I can get to my polling place with minimal traffic. Matter of fact, I need to figure out where my polling place is. I’ve relocated!

But, I can’t wait!!

8 10 2008

i gave early voting a lotta thought. i kept hearing about how long they expect the lines to be on nov 4. then, i thought about how crooked this current “administration” is and i decided against it. i don’t want my vote to come up missing. i don’t trust these fools. so, i’ll wait in line for an hour or 2 or 3. it doesn’t matter. i wait in line to go to a club, to get groceries, to go in a stadium…and this is more important. i’ll wait. and on november 5…we partyin’!!!

btw…thanks for coming to the 12th Planet

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