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10 10 2008

I have lots of food pics on several SD/memory cards laying around. I usually don’t post them if I don’t think they’re pretty, but today I don’t care.
I must admit that I tried and failed the Smash Diet. I’m totally motivated to give it another go when there won’t be a food-happy vacation in the middle. I made it through Phase I with minimal withdrawal symptoms. lol. I was doing well in Phase II with running a few times a week on the treadmill and eating well. I was actually doing without coffee and white potatoes for several weeks! Then came that doggone vacation and I had fried, nuts and all kinds of stuff I shouldn’t have had. I still ran every other day and my body’s fat percentage and weight dropped while I was away. Yay me!

Smash Diet: Take 3 is coming soon.

Spinach, corn, sunflower seeds, mushrooms and bell pepper

"pico de salsa" (c) Simone

A BBQ wrap in the making

BBQ wrap in my new lunchbox

Grilled veggies and brown rice. Smash-friendly.

Beautiful avocado. Perfect for making guacamole

Minnesota brown rice

Peppers and zucchini w/ hoisin

Tiger fried tofu and veggies

Grilled asparagus inspired by Mario and Oprah

BBQ wraps. Just like Roly Poly.

These are good. I'm not cleaning greens.


My kitchen staples.

My own Vegan Lunchbox

My own Vegan Lunchbox

When I thought I was gonna lose a finger




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11 10 2008

Its getting chilly this time of the year, and its the perfect excuse to start firing up that oven and baking some bread. Here is an easy Cheddar Dill Scones Recipe you have to try that I discovered at (just sharing this info for all you foodies)

11 10 2008

dude! i’m super impressed! your food looks professional!!

12 10 2008

I need to get back on smashing too. But I’ve been been more into saving money! Smahsing is not cheap.

I love the lunchbox!

15 10 2008

Thanks steph!

Babs – You know, Smash was a bit pricey but I liked how I felt. Part of that could be the 3 biscuits and Oreos I just ate. 😦

16 10 2008

The food looks yummy, but I don’t think I’ll be going meatless again anytime soon… lol

16 10 2008

And what did you do to your finger?

18 10 2008

Girl I cut it trying to chop some vegetables. I thought I was gonna have to go to the hospital! That’s how it looked when I tood the bandage off. Yuck.

22 10 2008

All of that food looks wonderful, especially the BBQ Wraps and Stir-Fry Veggies. What is smash?

Ah man… I’m hungry….

I hope your finger is healing well….

22 10 2008

Smash = The Fat Smash Diet. It’s Dr. Ian K. Smith’s plan. It’s very simple, but it’s in phases. Phase 1 is detox (yikes) and it’s rough. You slowly introduce more things after 9 days, then a few weeks, then a few more months. You’re also increasing your physical activity. It’s a really sensible eating plan, but you have to grocery shop a lot for fresh veggies. No bread, pasta, crackers for several weeks.

22 10 2008

And the finger’s fine. I’m kinda clumsy in the kitchen.

23 10 2008

Yeah ummm we need to get you some kitchen gloves. Stat.

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