Absolutely broke me down

29 10 2008

*first post from the iPhone*

At 8pm I was in class. I knew Senator Obama was speaking so it was hard for me to concentrate. I got home and listened to his 30 minute piece half-heartedly. I was flipping through a new LL Bean catalog to be honest.
I did like the stories and his explicit plans for the American economy.

But it was when he came on live that I just broke down. Like a baby. Y’all I cried like a baby. Sometimes you don’t realize how invested you are in things. I’m so so invested.

I support Senator Obama in every way. I am informed of his policies and I support them. I am informed of his values and I support them.
I support him.

I hope you will too.




3 responses

30 10 2008

i’m so freakin with you! it was like i caught the spirit or something at the end of it. i couldn’t stop crying. its so amazing to watch such an important time in history. now, i know what my parents must’ve felt like watching MLK and Kennedy. Its only once in a generation when you get to see sometime THIS important.

31 10 2008

Girl, I was crying too. And I meant to tell you. I did some volunteering last weekend and the weekend before last. It’s one thing to support Obama but to actually work with the campaign is just another kind of feeling!

31 10 2008
The Soul Sista

It was inspiring to say the least. You can show that this is a man that has genuine compassion for the common man and his struggle. That’s the person I feel secure putting in the white house.

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