Rethinking resolutions

7 12 2010

I love and hate New Year’s resolutions.  I love that people put their goals in writing, and work towards them.
I hate that it takes the end of the year for people to do that.  (And I hate how crowded the gym is during the month of January!)

I don’t plan to make a “weight loss” or “get organized” resolution.  Instead, I want to make a pledge to do for someone else.

Follow me.

At work, we have Charitable Choice.  There are a ton of nonprofits and organizations that you can choose to donate to.  You can donate one time, or have money deducted from your biweekly pay check.  I was given the opportunity to give to an organization, so I chose one that served me well, especially while I was uninsured.  I also chose to give to one of my old schools.  They’re rebuilding and could use every penny.

I believe 3 is a better number than 2, but I couldn’t think of a third organization, so I asked a friend who’s going through some things.  He recommended an awesome cause that I hadn’t even thought about.  I added that org to make my donation feel…right.  I like the idea of giving on behalf of someone else.


I think I’m going to give every year on behalf of a friend as my “resolution.”  I will resolve (?) to be philanthropic.    $10/week for 26 weeks is $260.
$20 is $520.
$50 is $1300!

That’s much more than I’ve ever given at a single time…and I like it.  I mean, it’s so easy!  I’m doing something (contributing) by doing nothing!

So, next year, around October when we have open enrollment again, don’t be surprised if I’m asking you to tell me what your favorite cause is.
Y’all better have some organizations in mind.


Does anyone else participate in Charitable Choice?

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2 responses

8 12 2010

I do! Its a really big deal at our school, and they really try to get 100% participation. I donate to Childrens Healthcare and a Childrens shelter.

8 12 2010

Nice! “Jude” recommended I give to St. Jude’s. It helps kids too. It feels good. I just don’t have the time to volunteer like I used to.

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