Sisterlocks at 20 months!

10 10 2008

Wow! I can’t believe I’ve had my Sisterlocks for 20 months now. Look at the difference a year has made.

Summer 07

Summer 07

October 08

October 08


It will be 2 years before I know it. I definitely see some growth and maturing, although I’d hoped to see more. I’m remaining patient. My hair is so much thicker now and it’s been over 10 years since I’ve had this much hair…maybe even 15 years. I’m still retightening my own hair, but I’m gonna get a professional to handle it in December. I think I’m gonna try Oyin’s Greg Juice. Meika gave it a rave review and I was very satisfied with the products i ordered from them years ago. That Funk Butter was the business!!
Once I hit the 2 year mark, I’m using my own shampoo. Well maybe I should say I’ll use my own in combination with the SL shampoo. I don’t really have a problem with the product; I just want something different in my head.

Now for the pics…

I should get some of Brunsli’s hair ties now. I love my Soft Spikes too. I’m learning how to get more curl versus just a bend using the Spikes. I’ve started flat-twisting and wearing little ponytails. I’m trying to be more versatile with all this hair! My daily “style” is just pulling it away from my face and securing both sides with 2 bobby pins. That’s fancy. lol I’m just so happy with my hair. 🙂


Food junkie

10 10 2008

I have lots of food pics on several SD/memory cards laying around. I usually don’t post them if I don’t think they’re pretty, but today I don’t care.
I must admit that I tried and failed the Smash Diet. I’m totally motivated to give it another go when there won’t be a food-happy vacation in the middle. I made it through Phase I with minimal withdrawal symptoms. lol. I was doing well in Phase II with running a few times a week on the treadmill and eating well. I was actually doing without coffee and white potatoes for several weeks! Then came that doggone vacation and I had fried, nuts and all kinds of stuff I shouldn’t have had. I still ran every other day and my body’s fat percentage and weight dropped while I was away. Yay me!

Smash Diet: Take 3 is coming soon.

Spinach, corn, sunflower seeds, mushrooms and bell pepper

"pico de salsa" (c) Simone

A BBQ wrap in the making

BBQ wrap in my new lunchbox

Grilled veggies and brown rice. Smash-friendly.

Beautiful avocado. Perfect for making guacamole

Minnesota brown rice

Peppers and zucchini w/ hoisin

Tiger fried tofu and veggies

Grilled asparagus inspired by Mario and Oprah

BBQ wraps. Just like Roly Poly.

These are good. I'm not cleaning greens.


My kitchen staples.

My own Vegan Lunchbox

My own Vegan Lunchbox

When I thought I was gonna lose a finger


What a week!

10 10 2008

Last week, I was in Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale, Key West, Cozumel and Belize. So much to say, but I gotta finish my lesson plan for tomorrow!

K. Tena and Miss Joi

K. Tena and Miss Joi in Atlanta

2 tempura tofu rolls, 1 avocado roll and a fried okra roll

2 tempura tofu, 1 avocado and a fried okra roll. Yum!

Who doesn't love cheap veg "sushi"

Hi ladies!

Sake bomb

Sake bomb in Atlanta

Hi Ft. Lauderdale

Ft. Lauderdale.  I love the beach

Ft. Lauderdale. I love the beach

In Ft. Lauderdale

In Key West

On the boat.  Hi Mom!

On the boat. Hi Mom!

Time for parasailing

Time for parasailing


Parasailing in Key West

That was the last picture with the camera. RIP Casio. That was the best $65 Black Friday investment ever! Someone thought it was a good idea to slow the boat down while we were in the air so we’d dip in the water. Haha hell.
I got a new camera a few days later and it looks like I overpaid. lol

The Captain was the cutest Serbian sailor I'd ever met  lol

The Captain was the cutest Serbian sailor

I really want to post more often but things are kinda crazy right now. Between school and the campaign, there’s just no time.

I need all of these. Please!

27 09 2008
Courtesy of
Vegetarians for Obama

Vegetarians for Obama

"Um...I think you have my stapler"

Mac Users for Obama

Mac Users for Obama

Grad Students for Obama

Grad Students for Obama

Bloggers for Obama

Bloggers for Obama


24 09 2008

I sent this quote to my friend up at Syracuse:

“Students are like male birds of paradise, employers are like female birds, and getting a college education is like growing a long tail: It is an expensive way to acquire something useless that nonetheless signals your inner qualities”.  Steven E. Lansburg, The Armchair Economist, page 75, 1995

She replied that these activities meant to “prepare you for the real world”, “stimulate your mind” and “test your endurance” in graduate school (but actually just put an insane amount of undue stress and pressure on you) shall henceforth be known as”peacocking”.

I’m peacocking.

Early voting?

13 09 2008

So I was able to get registered here in Ohio.  I got my new voter registration card a few weeks after completing the form at the Obama office.

A few days after that, I got an application for early voting.  Initially, I wanted to just throw it out.  Pure skeptism was at work in my mind.  But now I’m having a little change of heart.  I’m considering it, but I am still apprehensive.   I want every single vote to count, especially mine.

So…what do you all think about early voting?  Will you be participating in early voting (in person or via mail)?  Please share your thoughts on this.

What do these dreams mean?

11 09 2008

3 nights ago: I was running late for my Friday sessions.  I left my apartment in a bathing suit.  My stomach was distended like like I had parasites.  There was a Macy’s next door to campus.  I ran in there, got into a conversation with a very Southern woman and tried to walk out in a white trench coat.  The sensor was still on it.  I went back in the dressing room for more stuff.  The Southern woman gave me a shirt and hat.  I went and facilitated my classes in a swin suit, shirt and hat.  And no one said a wird about it.

2 nights ago:  I was sleeping and woke up with loose teeth in my mouth.  2 of my teeth had fallen out while I was sleep.  I had to go the whole day with 2 teeth gone.

3 nights ago: I was in my Communications class and said something about Barack Obama.  This girl (who shall remain nameless but she is a real person) said “No one wants to hear about Obama”.  I said “I didn’t want to hear you talk about how much you wanted to marry John McCain, but I had to listen anyway”.  She got up outta her seat and kept talking about how much she loved McCain (this is true of her!) and I kept on how no one wanted to  hear it.  We went to blows.  She’s a big girl – 5’10” (I know because I asked her in real life) and she’s not skinny at all.  We were going at it with this other classmate stuck in the middle.

So what does this all mean?