Hot and cold

22 10 2008

Hot – I left the heat on in my apartment, along with broccoli and potatoes on the stove.  I came home to a HOT FUNKY MESS!!  Funny thing is that I wasn’t even in a rush this morning.  I woke up with plenty of time to cook the veggies.  Why didn’t I put them in the fridge?  I have no idea.

Cold – So it’s starting to get a bit chilly ’round these parts.  I’d been getting away with wearing sweatshirts or 2 t-shirts and a sweater up until last week.  I finally had to break out the fleece.  I have figured out some tricks to maintaining my cool in the cool.

  1. Don’t leave yourself exposed.  I’m telling you, socks that are too short or a jacket/sweater that doesn’t cover your neck is a waste of money here.
  2. Be about business.  Walk like you have to be somewhere 5 minutes ago.  No sense in lollygagging with Jack Frost.  We’re not homies.
  3. Blast your soundtrack.  I always have my headphones in with some type of music blasting.  After tests, it’s been The Killers, although I’m still listening to that Donnie song.  I love it!
  4. The power of positive thinking.  We all know it’s cold, so there’s no need to whine about it.  All of my playlists include a warm-weather song.  You know, something to remind you of sunshine and flip flops.  “Summertime” and “Summer Rain” are perfect for powerwalking home with frostbitten toes.

See!  It’s not so bad.  🙂
But seriously, this broccoli funk is making me feel queasy.




3 responses

23 10 2008
Funky Fresh

Last year I went to Cleveland on business. The day I arrived it was 80 degrees. The next day, it was 45. I had my co-worker drive me to Target to find a jacket……

23 10 2008

Ummmm Coop are are gonna need to put a chart on/beside your apartment door?

Did you…

1. Turn off the stove?
2. Turn off the water?
3. Put the trash out?
4. Unplug the iron?

Aaaaah I am soooo funny! lol

26 10 2008

Open a window to let your place air out. My mother swears by the Febreze candles though..

Stay warm! Love the tips!

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