The edamame diet

25 03 2008

I was introduced to edamame by Mrs. Mingo and I’m hooked.  In the past 2 weeks, I’ve eaten half a pound of edamame more than 7 times.   It’s so easy and so cheap!  I mean, it rivals Ramen noodles as a budget-friendly snack.  You can grab a bag for 75cent on sale at almost any grocery store.  And the prep is even easier: boil for 5 minutes, drain and salt to taste.  Easy, peasy Japan-easy (is that offensive?).

After noticing the scale number creep a little higher last week, I had to detox some of the food I was eating, including all the pizza and dumplings and fried chick’n tofu.  Believe me, unhealthy vegetarians are NOT hard to find!  LOL Relaxing at the crib/coffee shop with no job obligations bores me.  I fix it with food!

The scale has gone down a bit, but I’m eating so much edamame I’m worried about negative health effects.  Like, can I consume too much protein?  Of all the things to be worried about…

And Joe Muggs is so much better than Starbucks. 🙂




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25 03 2008

lol unhealthy vegetarians!? why have i never thought of this??

26 03 2008

Unhealthy vegeterians? *raises hand* Hmmm, I may need to look into this because I am addicted to edamame!!

27 03 2008

I just choked. Why? Cuz I’m eating some edamame rat now! ROFL!

29 03 2008

edamame is the isht!

30 03 2008

I may try it, but I don’t think we have any store around here that sell it. I guess I will have to look tonight when I go to collegetown.

30 03 2008

I’m so looking into this diet. I’m all about shedding some pounds…

16 04 2008

I bought a bag the other day. Took me a while to find it at any stores here. I have yet to prepare them though… Mostly b/c I forget they’re there. The potato chips are always closer by.

7 10 2011

:0 you can buy BAGS of it?????


18 04 2008

I got you hooked. I know you’re hooked. You don’t even have to tell me. lol

18 04 2008

Just because I roamed the aisles of the store in seach of it does not mean I’m hooked.


26 02 2010


13 03 2010

Edamane Is such an easy mean substiute. Thaw, salt LIGHTLY and eat. YUMMM

16 03 2010

Super easy! I made lettuce wraps w/ edamame and udon noodles today.

8 07 2010

Love this stuff. A bit more expensive then what is stated here. I buy about 4 bags at a time frozen for around 3 bucks a bag. Boil in water with about a teaspoon (or more) of sea salt for about 3 minutes. Drain and I like to dip the shell in a soy/wasabi/teriyaki sauce (soy vay I think is the brand). As you’re popping the soybeans from the shell you get some of the salt and sauce along with it. Awesome with beer. It’s easy to settle for a light dinner knowing the edamame is waiting for me when I get hungry later on. Helps keep me under 1400 calories a day…

I’ve found “organic” is a little better. Always uncooked and always in the shell. I haven’t tried any fresh because I haven’t found any. The already cooked stuff wasn’t good at all to me. Take the 3-5 minutes to boil it in sea salt. Worth the minimal effort.

25 01 2013

Yes! Finally something about διαιτα.

17 05 2013

Vegetarians are only mentally unhealthy. Vegans need to be institutionalized.

29 03 2014

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