13 02 2008

Three things recently happened to solidify my position in NERDville with my homies.

1. Retail therapy for nerds is…
SCHOOL SUPPLIES! I love these pens and I treated myself to a new set after a bad day.
Retail therapy for nerds

2. Txt msg convo

JJ (’cause we’re ‘friends’ now): What does it mean that obama does better among more ‘educated’ voters?
*Coop*: Education and hope are positively related
Do you buy that?
JJ: Hmm
Kinda but not really
*Coop*: Lol
JJ: Like athiesm goes up with education
I always thought hope and lack of education were related
And lottery ticket buying is inverse to income
*Coop*: I think it changes during ‘times of war’
JJ: Really?
*Coop*: I dunno
Sounds like an economist’s rationale
JJ: Maybe I’ve been reading the economist too much lol
*Coop*: That ish is bad for your brain
JJ: What ish
*Coop*: The economist. It overloads the brain. It’s scientifically proven

3. Chatting with Harpo, telling her about a guy I might have dinner with on Sunday. I tell her that he’s a self-professed nerd, loves to memorize international exchange rates and has studied abroad for long periods of time as well. I expect her to say “dang Coop, he is a nerd”. Instead, she says “yeah y’all got a lot in common!”. LOL

BTW I didn’t get into GWU.  Got my first rejection letter a few days ago.  😦




5 responses

13 02 2008

Pen love 🙂

I have several of the same pens to use when I write in my planner. I color code my hw. Wait. Does that make me a nerd too?

14 02 2008

Yep! Welcome to NERDville, Mel. lol

17 02 2008


20 02 2008

Argh! Nooooooooooooooo……. I’m not ready to come outta the closet yet Coop.

*yanks door shut*

22 02 2008

But Coop, what if they point and stare? I don’t know if I could handle that?

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